Where to eat in… New Caledonia ? Part 1 / 2 : Noumea and surroundings

Well, the obvious answer to that question is: at my mom’s or at my brother’s (the man’s idea of fun is spending a whole day preparing a Thai curry paste with herbs he grows in his garden… can you imagine?) (I can) (The curry was awesome).

Otherwise, there is plenty of marvellous food to discover in New Caledonia.

I wish I could have told you about what yam and water taro mean in kanak culture, about the deer and shrimp festival, the avocado celebration in Maré island, the subtle taste of pahatr (a variety of fern, not unlike the famous fiddleheads in Quebec), and so on…


To be honest, I spent more time stuffing myself with Tahitian salad bought in our local supermarket than haunting refined and pertinent culinary events.Continue reading